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Collating Service for Commercial Printing

PCA commercial printing collating services

Collating is the process of gathering and arranging different pages or sheets of printed paper in a specific order or sequence. For example, when we print a short-run magazine, it requires that the pages be collated from page one to the end of the book before it is perfect bound or saddle stitch bound. In other cases, we may need to take multiple forms or pages that need to be grouped together in sequence and packaged for each document set. In that case we would collate offline with our Horizon Collating equipment.


Collating Service


Depending on how complex of the job is, offline collation can be automated with our collating machines or performed as a manually. If the pieces within a set are the same, then they can be collated with our Horizon collating machines.

In cases where the pages or pieces within the set of documents are different, for example, a printed catalog, an accordion fold pamphlet and BRC perforated cards, then the job would require manual collating.

Our commercial printing plant specializes in magazine printing so we have the equipment to collate online in our bindery operation which gathers the printed signatures together, collates, trims and binds efficiently into a finished project.