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Digital Printing Services

PCA digital printing services

Our digital printing services provide a cost effective, high quality alternative to traditional offset printing. Your digital files are printed using large format or high volume digital printers. Digital printing provides our business clients short turnaround time while maintaining high quality imaging. Digital printing is more cost effective than offset printing because of reduced labor costs, prepress costs and also no plate setting is needed. Offset printing is still the more desirable form of printing because of the flexibility of applying coatings and attaining the highest resolution and sharpness and also large long run jobs. But today’s digital printing machines have come a long way and in many cases customers can’t tell the difference when it viewing pamphlets, flyers, and small brochures.




At PCA commercial printing our clients get a quick high quality printing solution when you need your job printed in a short turnaround time and need to keep the cost down. Plan ahead by choosing your specific paper and weight so we can have it in-house before the digital print job arrives. Consult with our prepress specialists with regard to setting up your files properly. The most common files used for digital printing are PDF files, TIFF and other forms of desktop publishing and graphic design application files. Once your files has been loaded and reviewed by our technicians we will send you a proof for your approval before we run your job.