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Direct Mail

Direct mail (mailers) printing on sheet fed presses at our Ft. Lauderdale commercial printing plant

Businesses design, print and send direct mail to their customer base, a demographic or mailing list to promote or sell a service or product. Direct mail printing is best served on a sheet fed press for the highest quality and lowest price vs. digital printing ore web presses. A six color offset press can print a 4 color job and aqueous coat the direct mailer for a glossy clear finish all on the same run which saves money vs. a second run to coat the mailer. Direct mailers come in many different styles including flyers, post cards, letters, brochures, and magazines. Often businesses give the consumer a choice to call, visit a website or respond via a tear off BRC (Business Reply Card) that is postage paid. A BRC card or sometimes a coupon, requires a perforation so the customer can easily tear out a card, complete the information and drop it in the mailbox.

Commercial printers have industrial perforating and die cutting machines that can quickly cut and perforate thousands of direct mailers after the printed ink has dried. A permit imprint indicia is acquired from the US postal service locally which will automatically debit your account each time a direct mailer’s BRC card is mailed by a consumer. This is printed on your direct mail piece is a specified area to be used only by the USPS. For direct mailers that are sent out in quantities of 5,000 or less the USPS has an “Every Door Direct Mail” program where you don’t need a mail house and can pay online and select your mailing routes. For larger mailings it is best to use a reliable Florida fulfillment center that can get you low bulk rate prices for large quantities that are spread unevenly across the country or select sates or counties.

Direct Mail


Before you design and print a direct mail piece make sure you look into the postage rates for specific sizes and weights of various mailers. Post cards require using a cover stock or card stock paper for the durability and thickness required for sorting. The typical direct mail post card and cheapest for mailing is 4.25″ X 5.625″. Other sizes are 5.5″ X 8.5″, 5.75″ X 11.25″ up to 8.5″ X 11″. Usually commercial printers use a matte finish on one side so the recipient can write on the back of the BRC.

If there is no business reply card it is recommended you aqueous coat or laminate the card for maximum visual impact. If your company decides to print a flyer for direct mailing that is a tri-fold it requires a glue spot or tab to hold the pamphlet closed to it can run through a mail sorter without tearing up as the USPS requires. These are called “self mailers” because they do not require an envelope which saves on costs. Sometimes businesses like to use an envelope using a script or handwriting font to give the appearance that the mail piece was self addressed and personally mailed. Magazines and catalogs are used as direct mailers from companies offering a variety of products or coupons. These are often saddle stitched with a very light paper stock. usually 80 lb. text to keep the weight down for the lowest postage.

Commercial printers are the preferred choice for printing large amounts of direct mail pieces because the quality and price cannot be matched by most direct mail specialty printing companies. Those companies do gang runs on web presses or possibly sheet fed presses but the downside is that your direct mailer get put on the same press run as many other direct mailers which compromises the color quality and stability of your specific piece. A good commercial printer will run your job alone and do press checks and monitor the saturation, coverage and quality of your piece matched up with your color accurate proof.

When your Florida based company has a run of 20,000 or 100,000 mailers a top commercial printer in Florida will run your job several up on a signature on a sheet fed offset press so you get the highest quality possible at a low price so you get the best of both worlds.

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