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Finishing Services

Commercial printing finishing services for printed materials.

Finishing services for printed materials are additional applications that are applied to materials that have been printed and dried. They enhance what products look like such as magazines, brochures, presentation folders and other business collateral. The bindery is part of the the list of finishing services but that department is usually a large part of a printing plant so commercial printers often call their services Finishing and Bindery Services.

At PCA Commercial Printing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida we provide several finishing services to our business customers, publishers and advertising agencies.

Die cutting services – A sharp blade conformed to a specific design is used to cut paper into different shapes for a creative look or purpose in business collateral after a piece is printed. Die cutting is also used for perforating paper so that a portion of it can be torn out easily. Often this is used for BRC (business reply cards.

Scoring – We make an indentation into the paper so that it can be easily, cleanly and accurately folded.

Paper folding – Folding procedures are used to create different styles of brochures that create panels appearing as pages to divide the informational topics of content and also to reduce the size. Folding is also used on envelopes and packaging.

Collating – We gather and arrange different pages and put them in a prearranged order. Often this is used for business forms and documents that need to be shipped in sets of many pages like a magazine without the spine.

Coatings – UV or aqueous coatings are applied to paper to give the printed materials different types of gloss finishes. The gloss finishes range in degrees of gloss intensity and durability.

Embossing and Debossing – A die is used to to make an impression into paper to create a design, identifiable mark or logo. The paper is either raised up or depressed giving it a three dimensional look.

Foil Stamping – A die is used to press foil onto the pre-printed paper using heat and pressure. There are hundreds of different types of foil colors and metallic looks that you can apply to your printed piece. You can apply foiled with as much or as little coverage as you desire. You can even have large type in foil.

Shrinkwrap – We apply thin plastic to bundles of printed materials to keep them tightly packed for shipping.

Binding – We apply different types of binding often for books and magazines to keep the pages together at the spine. Types of binding include saddle stitch binding (using staples to secure pages at the spine), perfect binding (using glue for magazines with many pages), spiral binding, and wire-o binding.

Cutting and trimming – When a job is printed there can be excess paper that needs to be trimmed off, often the registration marks and color keys to get the desired size for the final product. Trimming of magazines is needed to achieve a clean edge to the outside of all the pages.