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Hotel Magazine Printing

Magazines printing for the tourism and hotel industry are often printed at PCA Commercial Printing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Florida is abundant in tourism magazines and hotel magazines for the tourism industry from the latin culture and clubs in Miami Beach’s art deco district and Orlando’s Disney World to the quiet serene beaches of Sarasota. Tourism bureaus in the most traveled cities across the state of Florida print magazines to attract and direct tourists to local businesses and government run attractions not to mention some of the best beaches on the east and west coast from Fort Walton Beach, Clearwater, Key West and Saint Augustine. The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau Magazine and Visit Orlando, The Official Orlando Convention & Visitors Bureau Magazine are a few examples of tourist magazines printed to promote well traveled Florida regions. When the Florid Chamber of Commerce needs to promote and educate out of town visitors they print beautiful full color perfect bound magazines filled with information about the Sunshine State. Often these tourist magazines have advertisements from local and state businesses to help fund the printing and distribution of the magazine. Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay produces a beautifully printed magazine to showcase their gorgeous manicured landscaping and attractions. Disney World’s many theme parks are promoted in the WDW Magazine which is printed in high detail and designed by some of the best publication layer and design artists in the state. Sheet fed presses at PCA Printing are always busy printing fabulous tourist bureau and tourism magazines for our great state’s magnificent attractions.


Hotel Magazine


Within these popular attraction are thousands of hotels that publish their own magazines to showcase their resort’s amenities, restaurants and surrounding attractions. Often these magazines work jointly together in promoting the same businesses for tourists in their travel area. They are printed on high quality state of the art sheet fed presses that produce the highest quality you can get on an offset printing press. The Boca Raton Resort and Club, an exclusive 5 star resort prints an impressive magazine about their restaurants, golf courses and amenities. Disney’s Polynesian Resort, Lake Buena Vista is among the top resorts in Orlando and also prints their own exclusive resort magazine. From Florida Golf Magazine to private tourist magazines selling advertisements and writing stories and features about the best places to visit, there are many magazines filled with tourism information and hotel information.

Hotels primarily like to print their own magazines because they have a captive audience in-room to promote what they have to offer and advertisers love it for the exact same reasons. When guests pack up and leave for home they often take these magazine publications home with them as souvenirs which are often passed on to friends who will reference this material when planning their own vacation. Magazines for the tourism industry and hotel industry in Florida are a huge business and PCA Commercial Publication Printing is proud to be a reliable source for some of these government and private entities needing quality perfect bound and saddle stitched tourist and hotel magazines. The equipment used for pre-press, platemaking, printing and binding is among the best in Florida.