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Perfect Bound Books

Perfect binding for magazines, catalogs and books.

Perfect bound books or “perfect binding” is the method of using a flexible glue that binds the wrap around cover and the interior pages or “signatures” to the spine of the book, catalog or magazine. The edges are roughed and flattened before the signatures are glued to make the binding more effective. Perfect binding is often used to bind pages when there are several signatures involved or to have a more durable spine and a nicer look and also to have the ability to print on the spine. Lay-Flat binding or Eurobinding is used so that the book lays completely flat when it is opened to any page within the magazine.

At PCA commercial printing we have an in-house bindery operation so that your magazine, catalog or book never has to leave the quality control of our printing plant. It also assures that the job is not delayed because of an outside vendor’s schedule. Often commercial printers have to send out the book to be bound and then you are at the mercy of competing with other magazines who are waiting for the binding to be done. Not at PCA – we take care of you and your job is priority #1!

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