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Presentations Folders

PCA prints resonation kits, sales kits and folders in creative formats for your business.

Presentation kits, often referred to as sales kits or sales folders are used by businesses in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to showcase their products or services in a promotional manner to ultimately sell them to the end user who reads the information given to them in these sales tools. Sales folders should be laid out at designed in a creative and unique way to get their message across is an easy to read way and convince the reader or prospective client to buy. The products and services in a sales kit should be displayed in a beautifully photographed photo shoot and printed with the best sheet fed printing presses to get the best sharpness and depth of color. Paper selection is important too. There are several grades of paper for printing so make sure your commercial printer selects a high grade paper or a #1 sheet of 100# or 80# cover stock for your presentation kit and it’s interior pages. Neenah paper has some very unusual paper stocks such as UV/ULTRA® II Translucent and STARDREAM selections that are quite unique and with creative designs and printing effects can wow your audience. Foils stamping, embossing and aqueous coating can add a touch of flair to help your cover stand out like the example you see here.


Presentation Folder


Presentation kits are printed in basic layouts but you need to get creative to separate your business from the competition. You have seen the pocket folders with interior flaps that hold stacked pages inside. Often they are step down cards, individual sheets or booklets. The problem with this design is that the information often falls out when the folder is opened up. And your prospective clients have to pull them out and them reorganize them when they put them back. This creates a sloppy look when they are put back together and doesn’t serve your presentation well when they are passed around from managers to executives within the company. Step down cards do have one benefit though, which is when you need to change the information in your sales kit you only have to print one step-down-card.

We have created a unique design that incorporates a sales folder and brochure into one beautiful presentation kit that stays intact. The folder’s right hand page has a self contained pocket that holds all the loose pages you want to put into it and the folder itself has pages saddle stitched or wire-o bound into it which serve as a brochure. Nothing falls out and everything stays neatly together. Another advantage is that the interior of the sales folder can be printed on so there is no wasted space. In review – It is printed 2 sided on the 9″ X 12″ folder with saddle stitched pages in it with a self contained right hand pocket that holds your loose information pages. The die cut is already made with our in-house die cutting equipment so you won’t have to incur extra cost for an additional die other printers would have to make. This has been a very popular presentation kit and sales folder for our business customers who come to us with printing needs for sales kits like the sales kit you see pictured here.

This is the type of sheet fed commercial printer you want printing your sales materials. One that is creative and offers suggestions how to make you reproduces better and cost less and at the same time produce the highest quality printing for your company’s sales kits and presentation folders.