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PCA paper folding services

Your print job may require various types of folds to complete your job. Some printing jobs has complex folds designed into the piece that require custom die impressions to create the creases desired for folding. Packaging designs also vary in the types of folds needed to make a box or unique package design. At PCA commercial Printing we have the capability to give your project any type of fold that is necessary.


Paper Folding


Typically, in a brochure you have three types of folds – Gate Fold, Barrel Fold and Accordion Fold. The gate fold is just like opening a two door gate. Both sides open up to revel the entire design. There are two sides that fold together like a book. The barrel fold (or “Roll” fold) is named for the way the paper folds, such as in a trifold brochure. The 3 pages of one sheet of paper fold over each other as if you were rolling a barrel. The accordion fold for brochures are folded just like an accordion or a creases fan. It is also referred to as a “Z” fold. There are also other types of traditional folds such as Half Fold, which opens like a book, Double Gate fold which has two panels on the inside and two outside pages open out to reveal the entire brochure. A Double parallel fold is similar to folding to books into each other. There is the “Map Fold” which folds closed just like a map and a Quarter Fold.

Our PCA MBO Navigator (Computerized) Folder is capable for various types of folding jobs we do at our printing plant. When you are ready to create a unique design that requires different types of folds, we are here to assist you and make it happen!