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Sheet Fed Printing

Sheet fed printing at PCA Commercial Printers in Florida.

PCA Printing’s commercial plant in Florida has ten color perfecting Akiyama sheet fed printing presses that print 5 colors on both sides and are excellent for our short run book manufacturing business such as catalog or magazine printing. Setting the presses up for a run is quick, also providing less waste and attains top speed quickly. Your magazine, book or catalog is printed on both sides of the sheet in one pass through the press with precision accuracy. In Florida, our colors are bright and vibrant and clients such as the PGA, Delicious Magazine and the RiverWalk in Fort Lauderdale are particular with how their product looks.

Sheet fed printer in a florida printing plant

Sheet-fed printing print’s paper one sheet at a time ready for folding or finishing. Sheet Fed presses can also have a roll sheet-er that cuts custom size’s as the commercial printing presses runs. Today’s sheet fed presses can create tens of thousands of impressions per hour perfecting. Because of its effectiveness and production capabilities, sheet-fed printing and small format sheet-fed presses print a majority of book covers worldwide. Small format sheet-fed presses have a greater ability to control tight color registration and are more efficient and productive. At our facility in Florida, PCA’s new Akiyama sheet-fed text presses are now advantageous to customers who have longer press runs that were once only efficient on commercial web printing presses.

PCA commercial sheet fed printing produces high-quality four-color magazines, catalogs and publications in the short to medium run range in a variety of custom sizes, inks and coatings to give your book lasting color and a high gloss coating. The 10 color perfecting presses are excellent for your sheet-fed offset multi-color combinations. PCA’s press operators provide the experience on these types of printing presses to get the best result out of the engineering behind the sheet fed equipment and pre-press set up so that every job prints vibrant and clear.

So ask about PCA’s sheet fed printing for low page count, short to medium run publications. Our perfecting sheet fed presses also print many formats which require a the best print production quality.

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